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The Mind Reading Show: “Completely Mental!” – 65+ Minutes

Chris’ signature performance is designed for anyone interested in seeing pure, innovative mentalism and mind reading. Focusing strictly on audience interaction and participation Chris will not only read your mind, he’ll tell you how he did it! (except you still won’t believe him)

Now Chris does not claim any genuine psychic or clairvoyant ability. Yet you will have a hard time believing him. While answering private questions you never even said out loud, or showing you how your own phone number is connected to something you never thought possible, you and your guests will sit in awe of the onion-like climaxes that go deeper and deeper into a world of complete disbelief.

In fact, Chris uses the powerful tools of psychology, misdirection, suggestion and magic to lure you into a provocative ensemble of theatrical hilarity that you have to see to believe.
(Audience Note: Rest assured, anyone participating in Chris’ shows will be treated with the utmost respect, and will Never, Ever be embarrassed or asked to do anything uncomfortable whatsoever.)

The Mini-Mind Reading Show: “Almost… Completely Mental!” – from 15-30 Minutes

So you still want the show but don’t have time for the full 65+ minutes? Not to worry, Chris can customize ANY event you have in mind. From comedy club sets of 15 minutes, to variety show performances of 20-30 minutes. Chris will tailor his performance to fit the time you need! Still guaranteeing the absolutely amazed response of the audience just as in the full show!

The Roving Mentalist & Magician: From 60 mins to 4hrs

Having a cocktail party or wedding reception? Not enough time in your schedule for the full show? Not a problem!

With roving mind reading, Chris will make his way around your event disguised as a regular guest… with some unusual abilities. With brief introductions to small groups of guests, Chris will demonstrate some up close and personal mind reading and magic. Right under your guests noses! You literally can not get any closer to the impossible feats you and your guests will witness.

Chris demonstrates close up mentalism in such ways you’ll be talking about it for years to come. Available from one hour to four hours.

The Trade Show Mind Reader: (time is negotiable – from 2hrs to 5 days (max 6hrs per day)

Do you need someone with a unique skill set to drive prospective customers into your trade show booth? How about a pitchman like no other that will debut your new product in ways you couldn’t even imagine?

With several years in the trade show market; Chris has the background and knowledge to generate new leads for your company, show off and present your new product like he invented it himself, and entertain the crowd! Not only that Chris will design custom material specifically focused around your brand message, company motto, or your new product!

Chris has stood with some of the biggest companies in the world! Presenting new products, mixing mind reading and magic into your companies core values and motives and demonstrating first hand how your customer service and attention to satisfaction makes you the only one to do business with!

The College & University Performance: “The Man Who Knows Too Much” – 60+ minutes

This 60+ minute intense comedy mind reading & mentalism performance is Chris’ signature college show! In the show you can expect: Hilarious demonstrations of Chris’ own “In Your Head” style of mind reading! Classic stunts from the circus and carnival sideshows! And feats of the absolutely impossible! You will witness daring magic, mentalism and stunts that only Chris is crazy enough to perform night after night!

Chris will demonstrate, astounding psychology, math, memory, endurance skills, pain resistance (with Chris’ 80 year old bear trap!), some interesting uses of a large 5 inch nail, and other pieces that you truly have to see to believe! (like how walking on broken glass is of no issue for Chris) This is a show designed to get your blood pumping and minds racing!..And has been seen at over 350 college campuses nationwide!

With Every College Performance:

You can expect 2 full hours of complimentary roaming mind reading and magic. Chris will peruse your campus, dining hall, and even go into the dorm common areas to amaze the students! Chris has been doing this for years and it’s guaranteed to bring in students who would have otherwise missed the show!

The High School Show: Post Prom/Graduation & Anytime Shows! – from 50-75 Minutes

Chris’ high school mind reading performance is designed specifically for high school students! Not only is Chris a huge hit at post-graduation parties, all nighters, and post-prom functions. He constantly goes back to schools year after year! Shows can be customized from 50 minutes to 75 and are full of smart, funny and clean comedy mind reading! The students will witness insane mind reading demonstrations, clever hypnosis and amazing magic. All in one show!

You will Not find another performer who offers so much in just one show! Chris performs at 50-60 high schools just in the months of May and June. This show will not only keep their attention, they will get involved, be a part of the magic and have fun doing it.

Cruise Ship Events – 15, 30, 45 & 65 Minute Shows!

Chris has custom designed a series of hilariously funny and interactive comedy mind reading shows specifically for the cruise ship market! With 100% clean material, Chris’ cruise ship shows are always a joy to watch and be a part of! Whether it’s a short act in a variety show on board, or Chris’ full 65 minute mind reading show, he can accommodate any entertainment director’s requests!

Chris has performed on various luxury cruise lines and is always a favorite of the guests onboard! It’s a hilarious show from beginning to end! The best part is you will not see the standard magic & mentalism you normally see on board. With Chris’ unique and charming style, his material is original and memorable! Clients wishing to view Chris’ promotional package, please E-Mail:

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“Absolutely amazing!” - Harvard University
“Wow! What a Show!” - ExxonMobil
“One of the most incredible shows we’ve had! Just Awesome!” - University of Wisconsin @ Wakesha
“You were fantastic!” - Apple Inc.
“Chris’ show was very cool! Unlike any other shows I’ve seen on campus!” – Springfield College
“Smart, Witty & Intriguing!” - Bank of America
“Wow! That was freaky!” – Southern New Hampshire University
“So many people got involved! The amount of interaction was great! What a fun show!” – UC Santa Cruz
“Definitely the best mentalist to ever hit our campus!” – Worcester State University
“Chris was a great addition to our school! We loved his show and can’t wait to have him back!” – Castelton State College
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